Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Shell Club?

The Shell Club is a loyalty program designed by Shell for all motorists. The program allows customers to earn points for all their purchases at Shell service stations. These points earned can then be redeemed for a gift of their choice.

2. Who is this program designed for?

The Shell Club is designed for the Shell retail customers of the following profiles:
  • Motorcyclists (boda-boda riders and private riders).
  • Formal taxi and Truck drivers.
  • Light commercial vehicles.
  • Private motorists.

3. Who is eligible to enter this program?

  • This program is open to all motorists within Uganda.
  • The individual must be 18 years and above and fit to drive a vehicle.

4. How do I join the Shell Club?

Registration for the program can be done in three ways:
  1. By visiting the Shell Station.
  2. By visiting the Shell Club website on
  3. By downloading the Shell Africa App on Google Play or App Store and completing the registration on the App.

5. Do I need any specific documentation to be used during the registration?

All you need to have for registration is your registered mobile telephone number. All other details will be completed later at a convenient time using the website, the mobile App or calling into the call centre on +256 312 250 250.

6. How do I earn points?

You earn points from all your purchases at the participating Shell service stations across the product range. Every UGX 5,000 spent at Shell gives varied points across the product range.

7. What purchases give me more points?

All purchases of Fuel, Lubricants, Shell Gas and Shopping at the Shell Stations earns your points as per table below.

Products Points
Fuel – Shell FuelSave Unleaded & Diesel UGX 5,000 => 01 point
Premium Fuels - Shell V-Power UGX 5,000 => 02 points
Lubricants – Shell Motor Oils UGX 5,000 => 05 points
Premium lubricants- Shell Helix Ultra & Shell Helix HX7 UGX 5,000 => 10 points
Shell Select & Shops UGX 5,000 => 05 points
Shell Gas 6kg and Shell Gas 12kg (metal cylinder) UGX 5,000 => 02 points
Shell Gas Lite12kg & Shell Gas 6Kg Ka-Portable UGX 5,000 => 02 points

8. Are there other bonus points?

On special days, occasions and other promotions, you will be able to earn more points as per the prescribed mechanics during that period. Please do visit the website and mobile App on App Store or Google Play to view available offers and promotions.

9. How can I redeem my points and get my gift?

You have access to a world of amazing rewards only available to the Shell Club members. View the Shell Club catalogue by visiting the website: or using the Mobile App to select a gift depending on your points balance. Alternatively, call the customer service centre on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250, find out your points balance as well as options from the catalogue. Once the order is validated, the E-vouchers are sent in a sms to the phone number given by the member.

10. Can I redeem several gifts with my points?

Yes, this is depending on the points balance. It is possible that the member redeems as many gifts as the member points allow.

11. What are the rewards or gifts?

Member points are redeemed for airtime vouchers, partner coupons and gifts. The rewards will be regularly updated in the catalogue. Keep on the look-out for new irresistible offers.

12. How do I receive my reward(s) after ordering the reward?

After having ordered the gift from the catalogue, the member receives the E-voucher by SMS and redeems this voucher at the Partner outlets. Note: The customer should validate his gift order with his previously established secret code. Please be advised that only the customers who have completed the program registration process will be the ones able to order gifts.

13. On receiving my gift, what should I do in case it is defective/damaged?

Please get in touch with us on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250, to advise on how you return this gift.
We encourage you to always check the gift before you leave the outlet.

14. Do I pay for the card or tag?

No, the card is absolutely free.

15. Can I get both the card and tag?

No, as a member of the club, you are entitled to getting either a card or a tag but not both.

16. How do I get to know my balance of points?

  • You can get your points by calling customer service on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250.
  • Visit the website:
  • Sign in on the app and check your points.
  • Talk to a Customer Champion at your next visit to check your customer information on the terminal.

17. What is the validity of my loyalty card/tag and my accumulated Loyalty points?

  • Your Shell Club card is valid for as long as you carry and can use it at Shell.
  • Your Shell Club points are valid for 6 months without the use of your Loyalty card at any of the participating Shell stations. After which they will be reset back to 0 (Zero).
  • Your Shell Club points will remain valid for a period of 24 months without any single redemption, after which the points will be reset to Zero.

18. Can I have multiple cards in my name?

No, The Shell Club card is only designed for the individual and it would be advisable to only have one card or tag.

19. What should be done in case of loss / theft of cards?

In the event of loss, theft or damage of the card or tag, a member is advised to contact Customer care on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250, so that the card can be disabled and no one can manipulate your account.

20. In case of loss of my Shell Club card, are my points lost?

In case of loss of your card/tag, your points are not lost. When getting a new card/tag, your points will be transferred to the new card or your tag.

21. In case I have lost my secret code for the Shell Club, what do I do?

In the event of forgetting or losing your secret code, please call Customer Service on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250.

22. What does Shell do with my personal data?

The member’s personal data/information remains strictly confidential. They will be used as part of the communication campaigns as related to the program. The data provided by the customer can be checked and modified any time from the website or by simply calling customer service.

23. How do I unsubscribe from the program?

The customer can personally unsubscribe from the program at any time by calling Customer care on +256 312 250 250 or toll free on 0800 220 250.

24. What happens to my old Shell V-Power card?

If you still have the old card, bring it to the Shell service station and get the New Shell Club card or the Shell Club tag. If you lost your Shell V-Power card, it is okay, just visit our selected service stations and get your free Shell Club card or tag.

25. What happens to my Shell V-Power Points?

We shall transfer your old points from the old club to the new Shell Club. We shall give you an additional 500 Bonus points upon successful complete registration. Also as a former SVP club member, you are entitled to double points every time you fuel with V-Power.

26. Shell V-power club had network challenges, how will this one be any different?

All the network challenges have been planned for in the Shell Club program. The machines shall be available 24/7 so you will be able to load your points at all times.

27. Do I exchange my EasyGo card and use the Shell Club card?

No, the EasyGo card is a VISA payment platform that allows you to plan for your fuel every month and the Shell Club card is rewards/loyalty card. So pay with your EasyGo card and earn points for all that you spend at a Shell station on your Shell Club card that you may redeem from our partners.

28. Aren’t the cards too many?

You do not have to use or get the Shell Club card to be in the club, you can use our Shell Club tag and attach it to the back of your phone.


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